Much of Joseph Prince's sermons is a repackaging of concepts from the Word of Faith movement. He writes, I give thanks to God for my roots in the Word of Faith teachings.

The Gospel Of Grace

The Gospel Revolution In The Last Days

The New Covenant Of God's I Will's

The Key To A Victorious Life, Being Established In Righteousness

Good Things Happen To People Who Believe God Loves Them

Understanding The Chastening Of The Lord

Living By The Unforced Rhythms Of Grace

Understanding The Major Covenants In The Bible

The Overcoming Power Of God's Love

Forgiveness Of Sins Is The Power Of The Gospel

God Can't Help Those Who Help Themselves part 1

God Can't Help Those Who Help Themselves part 2

God Loves those who Believe

Your Father will Give You Good Things

Grace to Live by

Rightly Dividing The Covenants

Principles For Interpreting The Bible

The Mystery Of Yahweh

Arriving At The Right Interpretation

The Significance Of Names In Bible

Rightly Dividing The Covenants

Moses Misrepresented Grace And Missed The Promised Land

What Does Fallen From Grace Mean

Coming Out Of Babylon

A Bit Of Law and A Bit Of Grace

A Will The Real Christianity Please Stand Up

B Will The Real Christianity Please Stand Up

Law Or Grace, Verdict Of The Jerusalem Council

Bringing Down The Faulty Fences To God's Grace

The Truth About The Judgment Seat Of Christ

Super Abounding Grace

Because Of The Cross, The Barren Sing

Abraham And Lot, Which Righteous Man Do You Want To Be part 1

Abraham And Lot, Which Righteous Man Do You Want To Be part 2

Peter - From Reed To Rock

True Confession Of Sin

God Sees The Church Covered With Gold And Established In Silver

6See Jesus In His Grace And He Will See You In Your Faith

God Will Turn Around Your Evil Day Into Good Days

No More Anger, The Oath That God Swore

Realizing the Promises of God

Power to Forgive Sins

Christ loves the Helpless

Independent and the self-Sufficient

From Reckoning To Reigning, The Meaning Of Being Dead To Sin

Grace Is A Person

Jesus Is Our City Of Refuge

Behavior Modification Or Inner Transformation

Knowing Jesus Through Two Miracles Of Healing

Head Knowledge vs. Heart Knowledge

The Passion Of The Christ, Why

Being Conscious Of The Ever Cleansing Blood Of Christ

Indisputable Proofs That God Is For You

Doing That ONE Thing

The How And What Of Seeing Jesus

A Your Answer Is In A Revelation Of Jesus

Your Answer Is In A Revelation Of Jesus

He Came Out, To Bring You In

God's Love God's Power

God's Favor Comes When You See Jesus

Abundance Of Grace To Reign

Grace, The Key To Spiritual Warfare

Set Free From Sin Through Grace

Supernatural Transformation And Holiness #1

Supernatural Transformation And Holiness #2

The Extent Of Forgiveness Received Is The Extent Of Healing Received

Right Believing Produces Right Living

What Abraham Believed That Made Him Unbelievably Blessed

God Has Cleansed You, Now Pronounce Yourself Cleansed

A The New Way To Prosperity And Good Success

The New Way To Prosperity And Good Success

No Law No Imputation Of Sin No Death

Foundations for Interpretation

God Revealed

Coming to the Proper Conclusion

Names and there Meanings

Understanding the Promise

Gods word is Abundant

When You Fall

Look for Jesus

Jerusalem Judged

God is our Father

Grace will set you Free


Supernatural Holiness

Abundance is Yours

Find that which makes you Rich

Commandments are Good for the Soul

Look to tomorrow not the Past

Forget The Former Things That Have Passed Away

Grace comes from the Son of God


Jesus had no Sin

When we Change from Within

Jesus Makes us Whole

Feeling and Wisdom

Why Christ Loves you so

Least we not Forget

God Show His Love

A Particular Action

How the Son of God views You

Understand the Son Of God

Finding the Truth in Jesus

Reaping the Harvest

End Times and the Gospel

Love one Another

Establish Yourself Righteousness

God Delights in Us

You have ability to Choose

Can you Choose to be Righteous

To become a Rock

Truth is in Confession

You appear as one covered in Grace

You are seen as one covered in Faith

The Grace of God will bring Joy

God has made a Promise

When Evil no longer Rules

Healing and Forgiveness

Live the way you Believe

The Favor of God

See yourself as being Clean